Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 29: Shoes

I took this photo of the shoe cabinet in the hall on 4 January 2014. Decluttering our shoes was quite high on my priority list, but it took a while nevertheless. Hubby warned me a couple of times to get rid of the shoe cabinet, because it stood rather shakily and could fall down when the little one tried to get something out of it. Yesterday, while I was busy in my room, I heard a very loud bang and a painful cry from Carolina and when I rushed to the scene, Hubby's warning had come true. Carolina must have had a thousand strong guardian angels, because she looked only shocked but unharmed. The shoe cabinet had fallen down and had been stopped by the opposite wall. Not a second longer would this shoe thing stay in our house, it went to the garage and awaits the next bulk-waste pick-up (we never really liked it anyway, it was a remnant from a previous tenant in our former apartment).

The shoe cabinet was full of clutter.

These 14 pairs of shoes have danced their last dance.
(and two shoes without a partner)

Mostly outgrown shoes from the girls 
and the pair of running shoes 
I trained in and run my first (and only) half-marathon
(2004 in Berlin).

Thank you for walking a part of our lives with us
and Goodbye!
Hello new space!