Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 12: Wellingtons

Yesterday was a rainy day, around here in Northern Germany. One of the first things I learned when we moved here four years ago, is that you need appropriate rainwear, especially when you ride your bike day in, day out, like half of the Oldenburg folk do.

This week I had a strange feeling around my feet, looked down and saw that my Wellingtons had cracked.

not very appropriate rainwear

I have had some for 1,5 years, bought for a family tent camp in rainy July 2012 (see here). And I have come to like those Wellingtons for their practical and quick use in fall, winter and spring. Before bothering with zippers and shoelaces, I just slip into them, jump on my bike and go! Now they have to go. Thank you so much for keeping my feet dry and Goodbye!

Some people have the rule, that for every new thing that comes into the house, an old thing has to go. I'll do it the other way round. Because I really like and need Wellingtons.

Hello and Welcome!