Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 22: Hand Luggage

This bags stands in a corner beside my desk. It is mostly used as the bag for hand luggage on flights, you wouldn't imagine how much stuff fits into it (extra clothes for Carolina and me, books, snacks, tissues, pens, more books, bottles, a potty and much more travelling paraphernalia). After coming home after a trip I usually feel a bit reluctant to unpack my cases, just for the lingering vacation feeling... But the last flight was in October, coming back from Mallorca and over the last months I had forgotten the last remnants in the bag.

The stuff on the right side can stay.

What can go: free silly magazine from the flight, the rest of the children's surprise bag from the plane, a mini hello kitty christmas book, plastic ice cream spoons, luggage tags, used wipe package.

 Thanks for entertaining and
Have a good flight!