Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1: White

Here we go!
 It's the 1st of January 2014,
 the sun is shining, 
the air is crisp 
and the sky is blue with occasional feathery-light clouds.

White as the proverbial clean slate of a New year.

And white will also be today's decluttering theme:

I am starting this fresh year of declutter with my wardrobe. A good place to start. Easy. And I will declutter my clothes by colour. White is the uniform colour of yoga teachers all around the globe and those 17 white things I am letting go:

- 4 yoga pants (bought in India, Hollywood, Cologne and a German ashram, among them those very pants I taught my first prenatal yoga classes in, back in 2006)
- 11 shirts and tops (one top I did my first White Tantra Days in, in a desert of New Mexico, back in 2009 - White Tantra, what's this, you might ask, something different then you think, see here)
- 1 two-piece nightie
- 1 sweater

The clothes will go to a charity shop.
Goodbye and thank you!