Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 15: Wool

Time for a little middle-of-the-week-decluttering-fun.

Wool leftovers from the last two years.

They come from three pairs of socks (here, here and here), Hubby's sweater (here), Carolina's dress (here), Christmas decoration (here), three hats (here, here and here) and two Dickeys (here and here) - just in case you were interested.

I will not throw them away, of course.

But have a project I started about 3,5 years ago, a blanket, 
where all the leftovers can go, 
like a knitting diary.

For nearly two years I haven't made a stitch. 
But tonight will be the night, a special night also, 
because I will do it at Oldenburg Knit Night.

After two years of not going there, everything falls into place tonight.
The children, the jobs, all give permission.
Great knitting decluttering ahead.