Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2: Pink

If you know me, know will know that pink is my favourite colour. So it's no wonder that I have a lot of pink clothes. Those are ones that will go:

Pink has not always been my favourite. Actually, I really very much disliked pink in my teens and twens and preferred green, black, violett, bordeaux, turquoise (in that chronological order). Only when I became pregnant with my first child nearly eight years ago, there came this pink shift. And it hasn't stopped with baby number two (I ordered pink baby slings when I was five weeks pregnant). Luckily I am a mama to girls.

24 pink things

- 1 nightie (from Auckland 2009)
- 3 dresses (2 of them I wore when I was pregnant with my first daughter)
- 4 skirts (from Fiji, India 2009 and Berlin 2002)
- 13 tops and shirts (1 bought at an Amma Darshan in New York 2009)
- 2 sweaters (both second-hand from Oldenburg, very rarely worn)
- 1 scarf 

The scarf is the only real winter item in this collection. I am just not such a winter person, I think. And I like buying clothes while travelling in warm/hot countries. The pink clothes will go to the charity shop, like most of the decluttered clothes this week. Second-hand shops will only take winter clothes until March. 

  I hope someone else will enjoy summer wearing them.

Thank you and Goodbye!