Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 13: Tea

Monday, back to work, back to the kitchen - but I actually decluttered Sunday morning, something I was really yearning for:

the tea board
Lots of tea and very little (decaf) coffee.

starting time: 8.41 am

First everything went off the shelf.

Christmas is over, the tea on the left was a gift from a yoga student last recent Christmas
(can stay, expires 2015)

On the right side tea from the advent calendar the year before. Can go, after I have made myself a cup of Japanese Genmaicha tea (green tea and roasted rice, which I instantly fell in love with in London in 1996, offered by my Korean room mate).

A wooden box from a trip to Kenia in 2004, when I was working for TV. This box went with me through three moves in three cities (Berlin, Cologne, Oldenburg) and has to stay. But the black tea in there is coming from a discounter, not very aromatic (not like the creamy tea in Kenya at 5am before a safari) and can go:

Room for the advent calendar teas:

These expired 2013 and were hardly ever drunk.

Lemongras and decaf Earl Grey I liked in my pregancy 2011:

Also in my pregnancy I liked these tea tins more than the tea itself
(blogged here):

For the coffee:

Bought at Whole Foods in Los Angeles, nearly missed plane for.
Expires February 2014, rarely drunk, can go.

Also goes the coffee whitener:

Bought at Oldenburgs vegan supermarket (blogged here), 
don't like the sweet taste.

... and has hardened.

Thank you for warming body, mind and soul
and Goodbye!

Finished: 9.22 am.