Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 11: Pink Stuff

I am interrupting the decluttering in the kitchen 
for a bit of weekend fun.

7 pink things that have to go today:

- shower gel for my birthday in 2011 (expired in 2012), still wrapped
- sun glasses from Turkey vacation last spring, look silly on me
- 1 pen I got from Clara's desk cleaning (here), doesn't write
- 2 hair clips, the girls don't wear them
- 1 moisturizer my mother gave me, empty 
- 1 retro timer (bought for a prior decluttering attempt in 2011, here,
stopped ringing after the girls got hold of it )

I will put the fake chanel classes on top of the charity box 
and the rest will go in here for recycling:

- bag with a broken zipper, 
must have had something from somebody for Carolina in it
Thank you and Goodbye!