Sunday, December 7, 2014

Day 328-341: Decluttering in Bulks

Recently Clara's desk had risen to new heights.

And also the rest of her room was so uninviting,
that she prefered spending time outside of her room.
Yesterday was a cold and rainy Sunday and we decided to go for it. Favourite technique -
emptying all the surfaces and cupboards and putting it all on the floor.

Clara was convinced she was the kid in her class with the most things
and she doesn't need anything more.
Every item on the floor has to be picked up and then decided upon -
keep and then find a place for it or throw away.

Some decluttered items:

she knows that now

no more needed

she has a massive shell collection besides

a monster from the kid entertainment 
on the flight to Sri Lanka

dried out

The rest filled a paper recyling bag and a waste bag.

Inviting now.

She started making invitations 
to her birthday party right away.