Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 362-364: Declutter Countdown

I have been going through the house to find stuff that will be no longer needed in 2015. Even though this 365-day-decluttering-project ends online tomorrow, it will be an ongoing topic in our house from then on. It just never ends. We have parted from thousands of small and big things during the year, mostly thrown away and recycled, some sold, donated or given. And when one corner of the house seems to be clutter-free, the clutter amasses again at the other end. You always have to have an eye of the things that come into the house again (the plastic bags cupboard will probably always be a mess). I am very thankful for the decluttering techniques I have practiced this year and even the girls found some of them fun. Here are some last things to declutter this year:

yarn that I will never be able to unravel

a broken reading lamp, already fixed before

brushes become useless, when acrylic paint isn't washed out in time

Thank you and Goodbye!